David enjoys giving talks to interested groups.  He has a range of subjects which are listed below (the most popular are towards the top).  For a talk in person he charges £50 plus travel expenses, so the fee goes up to £100 for the furthest parts of north and east Cornwall.  Beyond that please contact David to ask for his fee.  For zoom talks David charges £40 for a talk of up to one hour and £60 for up to two hours. 

This is a recent testimony after a talk: "Well David, that was amazing! Thank you so much, everyone was very impressed by your photography, knowledge and humour. Iíve never seen our group so animated and with so much enthusiasm after a talk."

General Wildlife Interest Where to Watch Wildlife in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Looks at some of the best locations in Cornwall as well as what's been changing in the last few years
Travel and Wildlife The Falkland Islands David travelled to The Falkland Islands (2019/2020) and recorded the wildlife and landscapes of this British overseas territory.  This is about the amazing wildlife encountered including penguins and elephant seals.
General wildlife interest Gardening for Wildlife This is a popular subject for anyone interested in wildlife whether you have a garden or not.  Enjoy David's photos of wildlife, learn about wildlife and listen to what he does to attract wildlife to his garden. 
General Wildlife Interest Wild about Cornwall Looks at some of the most interesting wildlife in Cornwall
Wildlife and historical Where History meets Natural History A look at a few sites in West Cornwall which have an interesting history and natural history
Photographic and General Interest Tales of a Wildlife Photographer An amusing look at the stories behind the photos of wildlife  not just set-ups but other interesting encounters with wildlife (there is some overlap with 'It's a Set-up')
General wildlife and photography A Year of Photography David will look at some of the photography and writing projects undertaken in the last 12 months, this talk is different every year.
General David Chapman: A Retrospective Looks at David's career in Cornwall from teacher to writer and photographer over a 25 year period.
General Interest Living with Nature Looks at how David and Sarah have managed their smallholding for domesticated animals as well as wildlife.
General Wildlife Interest Garden Birds A view of the more common birds that we can all hope to see in the garden.
General Wildlife Interest Islands of Birds A tour of some of the islands of the UK including the Skomer, Farnes, Shetland and others.
Photographic (beginners) Improving your Photography A look at how to take better pictures with an emphasis on natural history and landscapes. Suitable for beginners.
Photographic Wildlife Photography David has a wide range of wildlife photography talks aimed specifically at photographic groups; suitable for anywhere in the country.
Photographic Bird Photography How and where to take photos of birds.
Local Interest Wildlife of Penwith Penwith is the most westerly district of Cornwall; it has its own distinctive wildlife and landscapes which both feature in this talk.
General Wildlife Interest Birds of Cornwall This talk looks specifically at the birds associated with Cornwall. It looks at details of where, in Cornwall, you can find these species and how to identify them.
Local Interest Wildlife of the Towans Flora and fauna of the Towans near Hayle.
Flowers Wildflowers of Cornwall A look through the year at some of the wildflowers which can be seen in the county as well as some of the best places to see them.
General Wildlife Interest Go Wild around the UK A talk which takes you to the best places in Britain for wildlife
Photographic Wildlife Photography around the UK Where to photograph wildlife in the UK
General Interest The Sounds of Nature A talk which combines images with sounds and contains some of the most unusual sounds of nature in Britain's wild places.
General Interest Bird Song If you would like to learn more bird songs then this is the talk for you: combines images with sounds of British birds.